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UK National can provide a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of your drainage requirements.

We have worked with UK National for five years. They can be relied upon and trusted upon to react to issues at short notice day or night.

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Services we can undertake utilising our in-house equipment include:

  • Gutter cleaning utilising our own purpose-built gutter cleaning technology.


Here at UK National Ltd we offer a gutter cleaning service that is second to none in service, affordability and, of course, competency. We have teams of highly trained and experienced operators who are friendly and efficient.

Some people believe that clearing gutters must only be done just before the winter appears however you couldn’t be much further from the truth. Gutter clearing is an all year round operation which is designed to keep your roof line in perfect condition whatever the weather. 

The idea of gutter clearing may seem simple yet without the experience, equipment and understanding which our operators have you risk injury or further cost by missing the tell tale signs of repairs.

  • Drain jetting from our van-mounted jetting machines.

  • Gulley sucking to clear your blocked surface and storm drains.

Gully suckers are a specialised tanker with suction gear that will suck up wet waste, mud and sludge out of hollow spaces such as the hollows below drains in street gutters, carrying it to a suitable disposal point. Specific suction power is required to meet the needs of the job, as the material being removed can contain bulky debris such as tree branches, stones etc.

Some machines have a means of squeezing the water in the load and letting that water run back down the drain, or they can recycle the water for high pressure cleaning of the drain pipes.

Examples of a blocked gully:


  • Mechanical road sweeping which incorporates on board gully sucking and drain jetting capabilities

Our fleet offer a high performance pick up even on the most demanding of tasks. Providing an ideal balance between performance and environmental impact they are built to suit a full range of sweeping environments. 

  • Sub-surface drainage replacement or in-situ repairs.

  • Roof gulley cleaning and guano / pigeon dropping clearance.


  • Signage / facade cleaning using high pressure cleaners.
  • Pedestrian access clearance and waste removal.
  • Drainage inspections and camera surveys.
  • General site clearance and waste disposal
  • Post-event cleaning services
  • Specialist Confined space entry works

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